Our Philosophy, Manage By The Numbers

Our Story

Our journey began inside a dealership years ago as we looked for more efficient processes to mange our dealership with. Our expenses continued to rise, our margins declined and finding a talented workforce became more difficult. Each year we found that things became more complex and required more analysis.

We used various tools and applications to improve our situation but noticed the gaps with certain areas of the business. Our used inventory management tool was great for used cars but lacked the features to help manage the new cars with. Our financial reporting application was helpful to analyze our financial statement but too complex to build and track a forecast with. The HR application helped us cover the legal aspects of hiring but lacked any functionally to help improve our sales teams training performance and tenure.

After a year of testing and development we built our application with solutions to help with the areas we felt that needed the most improvement. We are passionate about solving real problems and committed to delivering the level of dedication and support to make an impact.

Our Story

Leadership Team

Pedram Faed
Pedram Faed Co-Founder & CEO

Pedram is the resident “car guy” that brings over 14 years of retail automotive experience to the team. Having served in almost every position inside a dealership, he truly understands the pain points and inner workings from pure experience. During his last 6 years he served as a GM and VP of Sales in which he further enhanced his management skills and crafted his “Manage By The Numbers” processes which ultimately led to the development of MBTN.

Ellison Kim
Ellison Kim Co-Founder & CTO

Ellison brings 13+ years of technology experience across various industries ranging from financial services, telecommunications, health care and automotive. With his specialization in analytics, he brings a unique perspective to automotive by simplifying and leveraging data through intuitive visualizations. In addition to his engineering roots, he also has extensive experience in product development and thoroughly enjoys mentoring and building awesome teams!

Managing 2 stores with 7 brands has been a challenge using the DMS reports. I can now see all 7 brands inventory levels with one click and building a forecast for all the brands is so easy!

Amer Muhar (General Manager - Madera CDJR Buick GMC Cadillac)
Amer Muhar (General Manager – Madera CDJR Buick GMC Cadillac)

I thought this would only be beneficial for bigger stores, but we saw a 350% increase with one a model line we were struggling with by having it in our forecast and seeing the progress every day!

Jonathan Young (General Sales Manager – Winward Ford)
Jonathan Young (General Sales Manager – Winward Ford)

The screens are so easy to understand and help you focus on achieving your goal. Love the inventory reports, it has even helped me desk my deals more intelligently!

Ryan Abbasinia (Sales Manager Livermore Ford)
Ryan Abbasinia (Sales Manager Livermore Ford)

Having the Group View to manage all our stores with is simply amazing! We have much more productive meetings and everyone is on the same page. Best of all, I don’t have to build reports and email them to anyone!

Don Tena (CFO - Gill Auto Group)
Don Tena (CFO – Gill Auto Group)

The feel of the wheel makes the deal!

Come on, you can’t expect to make a decision without a drive right?

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