MBTN vs Others

Learn more about how we stack up against some of the current solutions on the market.


We know our audience better than our competition. How can you build a solution to a problem you have never experienced yourself?

We wanted to build an application that was built for dealers by dealers. Having people build applications that have never worked in a dealership is a big part of the problem. Working at a dealership 10 years ago is not enough either. You need to know the market based on today’s market conditions.


Our application was built out the lack of tools to help us achieve our goals, not as an additional source of revenue on top of existing products.

Business intelligence tools are great for reviewing your financial statement and managing your receivables. Their complex forecast and tracking tools were not designed for sales managers, nor are they as detailed as we wanted them to be.

Using a used car inventory management tool was a failure when we applied it to our new inventory management processes. New car inventory management is about visibility and awareness, not complex stocking recommendations and pricing rules that keep lowering your margins.

Last, HR tools are designed to cover your bases from a legal perspective. They lack any features to help you with the processes that help nurture and grow a sales team. Now you can see why we focused on these 3 core elements.

Our purpose was to solve the missing gaps, nothing else.


We ran dealerships for decades in the most competitive markets, understand the challenges from the inside out and have used or studied every application available to our dealers. Our solution was developed inside the walls of a dealership and grown by constantly keeping a pulse on the changes of the business.


We didn’t just build web based excel spreadsheets. Whats the point of using technology if you still have to do more work? Each of our features were designed to do the work for you. What you don’t see is also the technology under the hood. We spared no expense and built our application in AWS and used the best software to create a better user experience. Why should customer facing applications only get the best technology?

Managing 2 stores with 7 brands has been a challenge using the DMS reports. I can now see all 7 brands inventory levels with one click and building a forecast for all the brands is so easy!

Amer Muhar (General Manager - Madera CDJR Buick GMC Cadillac)
Amer Muhar (General Manager – Madera CDJR Buick GMC Cadillac)

I thought this would only be beneficial for bigger stores, but we saw a 350% increase with one a model line we were struggling with by having it in our forecast and seeing the progress every day!

Jonathan Young (General Sales Manager – Winward Ford)
Jonathan Young (General Sales Manager – Winward Ford)

The screens are so easy to understand and help you focus on achieving your goal. Love the inventory reports, it has even helped me desk my deals more intelligently!

Ryan Abbasinia (Sales Manager Livermore Ford)
Ryan Abbasinia (Sales Manager Livermore Ford)

Having the Group View to manage all our stores with is simply amazing! We have much more productive meetings and everyone is on the same page. Best of all, I don’t have to build reports and email them to anyone!

Don Tena (CFO - Gill Auto Group)
Don Tena (CFO – Gill Auto Group)

The feel of the wheel makes the deal!

Come on, you can’t expect to make a decision without a drive right?

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